These are three of the most common misconceptions I encounter when talking to people about websites. Understanding the truth behind the myth can really enhance your experience as a site owner.

Myth: A website needs to be flashy, really stylish, and should draw people in because it’s so darn pretty.

Fact: Websites can, and should, be simple. It’s very common for new site owners to spend lots of money on flashy sites with lots of bells and whistles that don’t do anything. Anything that distracts from the purpose of your site–that is, the reason why people come there in the first place–needs to be reconsidered. You don’t need any more features than the ones that can perform those functions. End result: a more affordable site for you, a more effective site for your visitors.

Myth: A website can be put up and then left alone to do its thing indefinitely.

Fact: A website is best thought of as a small machine with a lot of moving parts. Sure, the parts are digital, but they can still “break”. Code doesn’t wear out the way gears do, but it does develop conflicts with other pieces of code that have been updated or changed. Websites need to be maintained and updated regularly in order to function well and keep them safe from security breaches. It takes just a few minutes each week for a web owner to update a site, but if it’s left unmaintained, a site can break down, costing lots of time, money, and frustration.

Myth: I need to be a tech guru to have a website.

Fact: Anyone can own a website! All you need is an idea. MBWD’s sites can be designed for absolute beginners. You can be an influential blogger or an e-sales tycoon with very little computer know-how!

Remember, knowledge is power!

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