Pictured: Marketing, old school. Photo by Flickr user Camille King. Used under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Most small business owners are aware that they need a website to reach the public. But many don’t fully understand how to properly use and maintain a website so that they receive maximum benefit from it.

A website is not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. It needs to be maintained in much the way a car enginge does. Code needs to be checked daily and updated if necessary. Why? Because the internet is constantly evolving to become bigger and faster, and hackers are learning, too. If your site is hosted by Mahone Bay Web Design, we’ll conduct daily checks and updates on every part of it, making sure it’s secure and up-to-date.

Google also likes fresh content, which means you need to be adding new content to your site on a regular basis, ideally at least once per week. A few well-written articles about some important facet of your business would be ideal. Also, all MBWD sites come with blog pages. You should be writing at least one short blog post per week, and posting it along with a picture. The topic can be simple and the post can be short. The point is to keep your content fresh, and to use keywords that the public will be searching for when they are seeking your services.

Integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and use these things to drive traffic to your site. For example, on Facebook, post something like, “Check out our new pictures on our website!” and provide a link to that page or post. Any time you have a new feature or service to offer, or if you have something on special, write a post about it! People won’t know unless you tell them, and they may need to hear it a few times before it sinks it. Salesmen and advertisers know that it often takes nine or ten repetitions of something before a person will make the decision to buy. It’s more effective for your audience to see something in several different media than to see it repeatedly in the same medium.

Mahone Bay Web Design specializes in helping small businesses establish their niche on the web. Because your success is our success, we want you to be the go-to people in your field. We offer consulting services to help you develop a better internet strategy, and we can also write your content for you. You can turn the development of your website over completely to us, and we’ll take over your internet marketing for you.

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