Many people are surprised to learn that putting up a website is not like putting up a billboard on the highway. A billboard can be slapped up and then left to do its job, attracting the gaze of passers-by because they have nothing else to look at. On the internet, there are millions of other things to look at. The job of a website is not the same as a billboard, anyway. Your website is a portal to your business, whether it’s online or physical. You still need to attract everyone’s attention to it and let them know you exist. Otherwise, they won’t know your site is there. So, putting up a site is just the first step in establishing your online presence. For best results, you will need to engage in social media, advertising, and regular networking in the real world, too.

What else is involved in a website? The best way to think of a site is as a small machine, sitting there in cyberspace, whirring away–and ideally making you money. A website contains several smaller pieces, in the form of sub-programs, applications, plug-ins, and other features. These need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are compatible with the latest browser versions, as well as with each other. When one plug-in breaks, it can shut the whole site down. Good site stewardship is proactive and regular.

Another very important aspect of site ownership is security. At Mahone Bay Web Design, we use multiple methods of securing your site from hackers, including shutting them down before they even have a chance to try and log in. We also protect you from spammers trying to fill your site with noise that draws attention to whatever they are trying to sell.

This may sound complicated, but as a client of MBWD, you don’t actually have to worry about any of it. That’s our job! Contact us to find out just how you can begin the process of bringing your business to the internet today.

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