Over on the always-interesting Wordfence blog, Mark Maunders is helpfully reminding us that any websites not using SSL encryption are going to be throwing off scary warnings in Google Chrome by the end of January.

If you don’t know what SSL is, it’s the thing that allows your website to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Often it is accompanied by a padlock image, to show that your connection is secure. Why is this a good thing? It encrypts the connection between the visitor’s browser and your server, so that no outside parties can read what is being sent, steal information, or alter your site’s appearance.

Google will also be assigning a slight ranking penalty to sites not using SSL, though how much of a penalty they won’t say.

Luckily, Mahone Bay Web Design provides SSL encryption to all its clients as part of their standard hosting package! You don’t even have to ask for it.

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