Mahone Bay Web Design is a full-service web design firm located in Mahone Bay, on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. We specialize in bringing small businesses to the web or enhancing their existing presence. Below is a list of our services.

Web Design

Our signature offering. MBWD builds beautiful WordPress sites. Why WordPress? It’s the most popular, most robust, and most configurable platform out there. WordPress powers more than 25% of the web. It’s also easy to teach our clients how to make small changes to their own sites, if they should want to. If you can surf the web, use email, and use a word processing program like Word or Pages, you already know most of what you need to use your WordPress site.


What is hosting? Every website is made up of digital files, and those files have to be kept on a computer somewhere in order to be seen on the internet. That computer is called a “server,” because it serves up web files in response to requests from visitors. MBWD offers rock-solid hosting as part of its standard web design package. Daily backups, code updates, security checks, page caching, and redundant site clones mean your downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum in the event of an outage, hacking attempt, or other misfortune.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It means making sure your site ranks as high as possible in Google, given your niche, the competition, and the resources at your disposal. SEO used to be very complicated. While there are still a few technical aspects to consider, there is one cardinal rule of SEO: Content Is King. Your site needs to be well-built, your content needs to be well-written and relevant, and your pages and posts need to be refreshed on a regular basis in order to achieve a greater rank. Higher rank means greater visibility to potential clients and customers.

Custom Writing for SEO

We specialize in writing for SEO. William Kowalski, principal owner of MBWD, is an award-winning, best-selling novelist with over a dozen books to his name, published by companies such as HarperCollins (in the US and Canada) and Doubleday/Transworld (in the UK), and translated into fifteen languages. He’s also written dozens of articles, essays, and anthology pieces, and was a reviewer of new fiction for the Globe and Mail from 2006 – 2012. Contact MBWD to find out what kind of posts and/or pages he can custom-write for you.

Custom Domain Registration

Do you have a great idea for a domain name? MBWD can reserve it for you and store it in our account. You don’t need to worry about registration, credit cards, or anything else. Because you cannot outright buy a domain name, but must register it on an annual or semi-annual basis, we’ll invoice you once a year for renewal. Your domain name will always remain your property, and can be transferred away at any time you choose. (Note: There is an ICANN-enforced 60-day waiting period for the transfer of newly-registered domains.)

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