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My Writing Network is the latest creative project by William Kowalski and Mahone Bay Web Design. It’s a platform that offers free websites to all writers. That means anyone with even a passing interest in writing, as well as more established writers. All are welcome.

How does it work? Just visit My Writing Network and click anywhere on the main image or on the signup button. Signup is easy, free, and can even be anonymous. You don’t need any information other than a valid email account.

Why free sites for writers? Because according to the principle of democratizing the web, it shouldn’t cost any money to begin establishing your online presence. The internet is for everybody, not just people who can afford it. Later, when you are ready to specialize, you can upgrade to premium services if you so choose. But free MWN sites are full-featured, meaning they can already do everything a website should do, and they cost you nothing.

How is it possible? My Writing Network is a WordPress multisite. This extremely powerful open-source software allows for the creation of limitless websites on one installation. Free instructional videos and tech support mean that anyone can use it. If you don’t know how, we can teach you. You can create your site within minutes, and you can move it to another host any time you choose.

Whether you want to blog, publish stories or chapters, or participate in the forums, come check it out today at My Writing Network.

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